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This is one of the most difficult paintings I’ve ever done.For one, it’s very small and acrylic instead of my usual oil *cringe*For two…. I would give anything to have done it while she was still with us. I miss you every day baby girl 
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In response to the suspension of the 2012 enrollment of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Queen’s University. Support culture, make arts education a priority… Don’t suspend the BFA program!!The  Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Queen’s University is (or was) really  the last of its kind in Canada.  Its small class sizes, individual  student work spaces and dedicated professors set it apart from any other  BFA program. It stayed true to a genuine visual art education in all  aspects, from the studio space itself to the unique courses taught  within. Ontario Hall is an art space through and through.. It will be a  sad day when the funding ‘unavailable’ for the program becomes available  to gut and transform the building for a more ‘profitable’ subject area.
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Earl2011Oil on Canvas
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2008Acrylic on ShoesWho is my favourite Mexican socialist surrealist painter?? <3
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8’ by 8’ painting installation 2009
Installed:Queen’s University Student Affairs JDUC 2009-2011
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Mixed Media 2011
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hand cut rice paper 2010 - personal work
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Digital/Wacom experiment2006ish